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Beth Castle is a Dietary Technician with 29 years experience helping people with their nutritional struggles. Beth puts some humor into her talks to lighten the stress associated with food.

he has won 4 awards for her book on “Stop Emotional Eating, Fix Food Cravings, Find Your Metabolism and More!” This book has also been featured at the 38th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards. 

Beth works as an Educator for Alberta Beef Producers and Egg Farmers of Alberta along with assisting Remote Oilfield Employees in her business “Redneck Nutrition”. Beth guides these folks to make better decisions that effect their health and their job in remote hotel, convenience store and fast food environments with success!

Located in Calgary, Beth Castle offers seminars throughout Alberta.  These seminars are available for booking individually or as groups.  Beth gives back to the community through less expensive seminars - limited tickets!

Through attending the seminars and by using Oxygen Mask™, you will be guided by Beth Castle into authoring your own instruction manual for breathing easy around food. This is all about you! You write it—and it works!

Using Beth Castle’s decades of professional experience in nutrition and as a counselor, you can learn to lessen the struggle and the pain associated with your relationship with food, care for yourself, and ultimately, improve your relationships with others.

Beth allows you to laugh a bit and cry a bit,
 but most of all you will learn so much!

...instead of "You might be a Red Neck..." Beth uses, "You might be an Emotional Eater..."

What people say about Beth's Seminars and her Speaking...

  • "I liked the individual focus I felt from the facilitator."

  • "5 out of 5!"

  • "Excellent information."

  • "Need more time... so much info."

  • "I'm always interested in different view points."

  • "I loved the knowledge shared."

  • "I would like this course to be longer."

  • "I liked Beth."
(Quotes from participants at the Summer Solstice Retreat at the Centre of Transformation. June 20/10)

Beth Castle
Emotional Eating Expert
Dietary Technician/Author/Speaker
How can I Educate, Entertain, and Excite your staff or audience about their life?
Find out:
o Treats
o Rewards
o Habits
o Cravings
o Emotions
o Texture
o What we were told as kids
o Just because and more
 Food Cravings & the solutions to eliminate those cravings!
 Find your metabolism that was lost like that sock in the dryer.
 Emotional Eating Strategies.
 Reveal the 3 of the biggest secrets to keeping the excess weight off.
 Find out how people can fix their metabolism that “they” broke by relating it to camping and finally “get it”.
 Lessen the costs to Health Care.
 Increase the health of our children by avoiding obese lifestyles.
Craving tips from City TV at
This is the solution vs. a “bandage” diet or “quick fix” – that has lead a lot of us down a path of false hope.
Put yourself FIRST!


Address your emotional eating and have a better relationship with food.

Beth has a list of speaking engagements that she can list off for you.
Here are some just to name a few...
Canadian Border Services Calgary
Service Canada Edmonton EI Division
Diabetes Association - Volunteer Luncheon
Occupational Health Nurses - Red Deer
Operating Room Nurses of Alberta Conference
Peter Lougheed Hospital
Red Deer Regional Hospital
Olds Hospital
Alberta Children's Hospital
Staff Association Conference
The Calgary Herald
Calgary Teachers Convention
and many, many more!

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Get that passion and purpose, the boost that it needs! Get the principles right in the book as to what is driving you to eat - it is instant.
If I say dining out - what comes to mind?
If I say Thanksgiving or Halloween or Christmas -What are your first immediate thoughts of foods and you?
If I said a “cruise” with very hot weather and swimming? – What are you thinking?
Come read your journey of self discovery and solutions right as you sit in your chair reading. Let’s put you “first” today, so you can get back to your health and get more of your passion and purpose for your life!
Beth is an educator for Alberta Beef Producers, Egg Farmers of Alberta, Redneck Nutrition – Healthy Eating on the Go for Remote Workers and Stop Emotional Eating.
65+ trade shows and events each year since 2008 & many radio and TV appearances USA and Canada