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Beth Castle is a Dietary Technician with 29 years experience helping people with their nutritional struggles. Beth puts some humor into her talks to lighten the stress associated with food.

he has won 4 awards for her book on “Stop Emotional Eating, Fix Food Cravings, Find Your Metabolism and More!” This book has also been featured at the 38th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards. 

Beth works as an Educator for Alberta Beef Producers and Egg Farmers of Alberta along with assisting Remote Oilfield Employees in
her business “Redneck Nutrition”. Beth guides these folks to make better decisions that effect their health and their job in remote hotel, convenience store and fast food environments with success!


Beth Castle is a Dietary Technician with many years of coaching and clinical experience.  She understands that the missing link to maintaining a healthy weight is to establish a healthy mind and relationship with food.  Through her books and seminars, Beth teaches strategies that will keep the weight off - permanently!

4 Time Award winning E Book in NYC for:
 Women's Issues
Health, Fitness and Beauty
Psychology and Mental Health
Beth Castle is proudly an official gift bag sponsor for the 38th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards.

Special Seminars on Eating Healthy on the Go for Remote Workers in Alberta & Sask
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Are you an Emotional Eater? - you can stop the pain!

Do you Feed Your Feelings? - yes you can stop it!

Did you lose your Metabolism along the way?
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Do you Crave Foods and are unsure why?
This audio guide will help with insights & solutions.

Are you still that Fit, Thin, Ageless person on the inside but the mirror and photos don't reflect that?
We can help you find that body! (or a close facsimile of...)

Do you use food as Treats and Rewards?
Let's find you some new ideas!

Do you LOVE food but HATE what it is doing to your body and your Health?

Are you a Heart Attack waiting to happen? Seriously ask yourself?

Learn to enjoy food in the moment and have better Health!

Beth Castle with Richard Simmons and Rochelle Castle,
Edmonton Health & Wellness Show

Beth Castle Speaks
on Breakfast Television
Beth has been on CTV
City TV,
Shaw TV,
Radio shows in New York,
Medicine Hat,
Las Vegas,
and more.
Beth has been featured in 
The Calgary Herald,
Calgary Neighbours 
Medicine Hat News
Today's Business Women Magazine
Violet Ray Magazine
Fab @ 50 Magazine
Issues Magazine 
and more.

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"Put your own oxygen mask on first!"
is a metaphor used in our society, it is another way of saying, "Take care of yourself first", so you can help those you love.

(just like you might be a red neck saying...) :)
If you have a party pack of potato chips and you are the only one at the might be an emotional eater.


There is someone you don't Trust...

it is YOU!


Let me help YOU get out of your own way! I have a hug ready to mail to you!

I believe in you, and I know you can do it!

There is HOPE - or you would not be searching for it!


This will change your view on food! for the best, you need this and you want this change

Beth Castle with Dr. Wayne Dyer