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Teresa Kabatoff -  Before

Teresa Kabatoff - After
200+ lbs. weight loss

"It wasn't until I found Beth's Guidebook that I really started to work through my negative self talk and my emotional issues. Her book is amazing! I really believe that it is the missing link to any weight loss program that you choose to do!"

Teresa Kabatoff - lost over 200 lbs! and now a great Friend!


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Your Thoughts:

AR August 2013 Calgary

I was thinking of you today Beth, You taught me so much about Freedom, and I appreciate you.
Her books/audios changed my life!

JT May 2013 Calgary  I have lost 17 lbs since Jan. Thank you for your support!

MB Feb 2011 Calgary
"Comments from a recent talk –"It was a very interesting, very informative, fun and inspiring evening for me. I learned a great deal. I really appreciate your approach – you are kindin sharing your information, knowledge, experiences and I appreciate and admire that you truly "care" about people – it really shows in your presentation and words."

DS Calgary Feb 2011

"Comments from a recent talk –"I am doing really well, in great part thanks to you. I have been paying attention to my eating and have been more focused on eating breakfast and doing what is healthy, rather than eating for emotional reasons, and I have lost six lbs so far in 3 weeks, although that isn't the main goal. Health is foremost on my list."

TK April 2011 Calgary

Comments from a recent talk – “The thing that sticks out in my head the most about what you said, is that the first bite is always the best, and we look for and hope the others will be just as good. Your right, it never happens! much easier to eat less of what is not good for you... :) Thanks”

Calgary March 2011

Comments after reading my book – “The good news is that I am reading your book right now and I have lost TEN POUNDS as of this morning!!!!!! WHEEEEEE!!!!!!! One gal in my workout asked what I was doing differently and I said "eating breakfast (Rain coast crackers are the best!), paying attention to if I am hungry or if I am bored and eating only until full (so eating more slowly and savouring flavours). Of course I told her all about the talk you gave!! We've reached a milestone you and I!!! I could not have come this far without you!!”

Calgary Feb 2011

Comments after my recent talk -  “It was an emotional breakthrough to admit to you how far back my bad eating patterns went. I have thought about it a lot now that I have admitted more and more to myself. I am in a very nice "head-space" right now and you were the catalyst. I needed to hear what you had to say. Most of all, it was the way you presented your talk--with your own vulnerability, great listening skills, HUMOUR!!! and practical information. I will share anything I come up with when I go through your book. And of course I am trying to book you for your a lunch and learn.”
“Thanks… Gaining weight is not about eating all the wrong food and portions. Once you learn your relationship with food, everything will start to fall in place. This book helped me and will continue to get and keep me on the right track. Thanks again for the continually assisting, motivating and supporting me. Best of all, I have written it all down for myself.”

        Billie Calgary, AB 100 pound weight loss and on her own!

“After participating in Beth’s focus group to prepare for her book, it was clear to me that this was the missing piece for people struggling with their weight.”
     Carol Calgary, AB Mom of a toddler and a shiny new career!

“No one addressed the reasons of why you put the weight on in the first place. They focus in on losing weight by using their “plan”. If this tool had been available when I was losing weight, I may not have gained some of my weight back. You are told to keep a journal but you don’t know what to write down. I found it easy to write in this book because I had guidance along the way."

      Rochelle Calgary, AB Mom, Grandma, and small business owner

"I have gone down 15lbs in one month since reading the book – it is great. 2mths later… The book is really helping me. It helps to keep focus. By the way I have gone down almost 30lbs in 2 months."

     SN, Calgary, AB

"I just wanted to say that you have created a wonderful tool for people. I have always believed that weight loss is more about the psychological relationship with food and underlying emotional factors."

     JW, Calgary, AB

"So far your book is amazing. I haven’t gotten very far but it’s brought some interesting things up for me. So I’m “digesting” before I go any further! lol great psychology angle!! REALLY! I was a little surprised by where it hit me and not surprised in another sense."

     LM, Edmonton, AB

"Thanks Beth, You absolutely amaze me. It is so great to see someone like yourself, so busy, always on the go, doing a millions things at once, still make time for other people. I purchased your book and have been able to keep in contact since. I think this is such a great thing, and rare."

     Kevin, Calgary, AB

"Beth is a great person with a big heart whose intent is to help as many people as she can understand their relationship with food. I know she will do well with this worthwhile endeavour."

     LC, Calgary, AB

"My newest thing since reading your book is to evaluate the food. I self talk and tell myself that the sugar or fat or artificial ingredients are not healthy for my body and health."

     DG, Edmonton, AB

"I really liked your book. It definitely is a book that needs to be read over. I browse areas in it from time to time that I have marked off with sticky notes. You have a great book."

     IR, Calgary, AB

"It is a really good book some great stuff, you should be so very proud of yourself, you go girl!"
     SE, Medicine Hat, AB

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book. It presents some eye-opening concepts and ideas regarding weight management and diet. I am quite involved in a fitness program now and thought it could be a great add-on."

     JM, Calgary, AB

"I did catch you on the CTV noon hour program and it is great! LK, Calgary, AB Your angle on the nutrition and the weight control issue is refreshing. The diet, lose weight, gain weight, diet… rollercoaster is destructive and disheartening. You mentioned the ‘diabetic way of eating’. I agree that we need to look at why we eat the way we do, and we need strategies and support systems to successfully implement a healthy lifestyle. Your positive attitude and enthusiasm for your work are impressive."

     JH, Calgary, AB

"I’ve read the book but I can honestly say that I have not put pen to the page. BUT…I have taken quite a few of your ideas and strategies to work and they do work. Between your book and the cardiac classes that we went to has resulted in a 10 pound loss in a month and I’m still working on more. The best thing about your book is the apron you sent me as a gift. It truly is my conscience. I put it on in the morning and do not take it off until bed time and it is just my reminder that I really do not need that extra snack or second helping. It is my little “Beth” voice. Wow – What a book. What a different approach to weight loss – you, yourself writing your own destiny!! Writing down my thoughts, goals and strategies just reinforces everything that I need to do to be successful. Then when I re-read and re-wrote my goals, somewhere along the way I began to have faith in my own ability to conquer my weight problems. With a few constant reminders and a good support system I started to believe in myself and was able to take control. Thanks Beth for the ongoing support."

      Jackie, Saskatoon, SASK

"I’m refusing to put myself ‘on a diet’….just decided to make better choices, and to change the way in which we as a family eat (which is easier said than done in some cases, but armed with the “oxygen mask” attitude, I am finding it easier to make decisions for ME. I am absolutely determined that this is NOT a diet – and its not a quick fix…..I would rather end the year, feeling healthier and fitter than last, but I do have a short term goal – which will help me keep on track. "

     LS, Calgary, AB

"I just have to lose the fat in between my ears! LOL! And do it! The gals at Olds, AB You have put an outstanding effort into your book! I like it because it is so easy to read."
     SH, Calgary, AB